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Titel: No Strings (2007)
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 08. Juli 2007, 20:44:09
Bei eBay kann man sixch derzeit das Programmheft ersteigern...

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: leapee am 09. Juli 2007, 17:07:43
Achm was du nichts sagst - von wem ist die Auktion wohl????? [11]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 09. Juli 2007, 17:45:57
Argh....hatte garnicht auf den Namen geschaut! Naja, bist sicher dankbar, dass ich Werbung fr deine Auktion mache [1]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 09. Juli 2007, 18:00:17
No Strings
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see No Strings (disambiguation)
No Strings is a musical drama with a book by Samuel A. Taylor and words and music by Richard Rodgers, his only score written without a collaborator.

In this bittersweet tale, fashion model Barbara Woodruff, living in Paris, meets and falls in love with expatriate American David Jordan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who has suffered from an intense case of writer's block since his arrival in France. She attempts to restore his confidence in his creativity, but the easy life he's enjoying flitting about Monte Carlo, Honfleur, Deauville and St. Tropez is too much of a distraction. Concluding he can work only if he returns home to Maine, he invites her to go with him but, realizing they have no future together, they part with "no strings" attached.

After one preview, the Joe Layton-directed and choreographed production opened on March 15, 1962 at the 54th Street Theatre, where it ran for slightly more than six months before transferring to the Broadhurst, where it continued until August of the following year for a total of 580 performances. Diahann Carroll and Richard Kiley starred; Barbara McNair and Howard Keel replaced them later in the run.

In December 1963, what would prove to be an equally successful London production, starring Art Lund and Beverly Todd, opened at Her Majesty's Theatre.

The issue of civil rights - voter registration for blacks, integration, and fairness and equality in the workplace - was starting to gain momentum in the country in the early 1960s, but it was a topic largely absent on Broadway. Whether or not it was Taylor and Rodgers' intent to break new ground is unclear, since neither the book nor score make specific mention of race, nor does it impact upon any decisions made by the couple. Other than the model's reference to growing up north of Central Park (seemingly an allusion to Harlem), there is nothing in the script to suggest she's African-American. It was only in the casting of Carroll and Richard Kiley as the star-crossed lovers that the subject of interracial romance surfaced, but any production of the show easily could be cast with two leads of the same race without changing the content in any significant way. It may have appeared to be socially progressive at the time, but No Strings actually was nothing more than a show with black and white leads.

Song list

Act I

The Sweetest Sounds
How Sad
Loads of Love
The Man Who Has Everything
Be My Host
La La La
You Don't Tell Me
Love Makes the World Go
Nobody Told Me

Act II

Look No Further
An Orthodox Fool
Eager Beaver
No Strings
Maine (Reprise)
The Sweetest Sounds
In keeping with the title of the show, the score was arranged and orchestrated without string instruments.

Awards and nominations
Tony Award for Best Musical (nominee)
Tony Award for Best Composer (winner)
Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical (Kiley, nominee)
Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical (Carroll, winner)
Tony Award for Best Scenic Design (nominee)
Tony Award for Best Costume Design (nominee)
Tony Award for Best Choreography Winner)
Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical (nominee)
Tony Award for Best Conductor and Musical Director (nominee)

Broadway: The American Musical, a production of Thirteen/WNET New York


Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: leapee am 09. Juli 2007, 19:32:38
Ich habe mir die CD besorgt - gab es gnstig bei Amazon. Es ist die Originalaufnahme, aber wenn ich die hre, so wie im Moment, kann ich mir immer wieder Scott in der Rolle des dadid vorstellen. Mir hat das Musical super gefallen - lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.
The sweetest sounds direkt am Anfang hatte mcih schon berzeuge (kaum fngt das Stck an, fngt Scott an zu singen...) und be my host - er und die anderen Herren mit flitter Tanzeinlage auf der Bhne....grins...arch ja

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 09. Juli 2007, 19:40:52
Schade, dass es davon keine DVD gibt - das wre doch was [1]

Die CD werde ich mir auch zulegeb [11]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: leapee am 09. Juli 2007, 19:44:38
wer wei...vielleichthat ja einer gefilmt [13]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 09. Juli 2007, 20:00:16
[1] Ah, der Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl, was? [1]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: leapee am 09. Juli 2007, 20:01:34
Ne, ich nicht! Ich htte viel zuviel Schiss fr so etwas, aber es soll ja Leute geben, die so etwas machen und knnen. Lustig fand ich den Ansager auf dr Bhne. "Ok, this Musical is called NO STRINGS! But we should better call it NO RINGS! Please turn off your cellphones!" Grins

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 10. Juli 2007, 17:16:53
*loooooooooool* Der war echt gut [1]

Titel: No Strings
Beitrag von: leapee am 10. Juli 2007, 19:11:05
jupp, wahrscheinlich hatten die diese Erfahrung bei den ersten Auffhrungen gemacht, ich war ja mittendrin da. [11] Hatte aber echt was - mein cellphone hatte ich ja gar nciht dabei, weil es in Amiland nicht funzt - hab nur ein Dualband [11]

Titel: Re: No Strings
Beitrag von: Sam Beckett am 06. November 2016, 03:48:28
Hier  noch ein Bild davon:

( (

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