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Autor Thema: BOARD RULES - PLEASE READ!  (Gelesen 2312 mal)
Dan Tanna Spenser
Chief of Police, Deputy Commissioner
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« am: 03. Dezember 2011, 03:01:40 »

The House language in this forum is German, but if you do not understand German, you can also write in English. We can understand this and then you respond in English also.



Rule 1
In the forum there is a neat language. Users who do not comply it will receive a warning. When the exclusion is repeated drops from the forum. Please note also render possible the spelling rules. When times get pure small mistakes, that's no problem, but as Please no endless phrases without point and comma sign.

 Rule 2
Users that other users e.g. insult or mob will receive a warning. When the exclusion is repeated drops from the forum.

Rule 3
Postings that were posted in the wrong forum will be moved by a moderator in the right. Postet a user more often in the wrong forum will be moved to posts in the strong-reps fall deleted immediately.

Rule 4
Answers that only a single word or something like "I think also" included are deleted by the moderator. The member receives a personal message as a hint.

Rule 5
Please do not unnecessary postings! If it looks like someone just make more trivial posts, so that he can score points, so as to come to a higher rank, then get this user a personal message (PM) sent. And the postings, which also waste space, too, will be deleted by a moderator / administrator.

Rule 6
Please no private conversations as posting to the forum! If already in the forum, then such talks leads via PM or e-mail.

Rule 7
The content of the posts should preferably always something to do with the subject have. Not that if for example made into a theme 15 posts were only the first four have something to do with this and let your next response will totally change the subject or even to private conversations between two or three users, who are talking then about something completely off-topic.

Rule 8
Questions that are directed to the administrators / moderators, please do not post in the forum, put this special e-mail or PM.

Rule 9
Please pay attention to the fact that it always your thread in the right column sets, and that no threads are opened twice (possibly on the following pages to see if it already exists a topic)

Rule 10
Spt warning in the headline or - for series and movies with detailed content information, a "spoiler". updating of the text. Even in older movies / series.

Rule 11:

There were nice / advantageous when each new user in the "profiles" presents in detail

Rule 12:

The Copy of texts from external sources is not permitted. Only one's own text and the link to be given to the text. If such texts from me or a moderator is found, it will be deleted.

Rule 13:

Members who have not posted to their admission after 6 months of nothing (or 0-1 postings) will be deleted. Should a member of a reason to have that he can post anything (technical reasons, illness, etc) I ask it to me via PM or email to communicate

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